List of indoor plants in pakistan

List of indoor plants in pakistan

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Sep 21, Gardening. Everyone has a couple of houseplants somewhere in their home and there are a number known to purify the air and absorb harmful pollutants from your indoor environment. It can handle the shady spots in the house, like dark corners and under the stairs, and it can eliminate carbon monoxide, benzene, formaldehyde, xylene, chloroform and more, making it the best choice for the laundry room, living room or bedroom. English Ivy Although the English Ivy plant is technically a weed in the garden it attaches to bark, brickwork and threatens all kinds of forests and open spaces , it can also been potted as an ornamental plant that can handle shady, low-light conditions indoors. Rubber Plant Rubber plants are from Pakistan mostly and are part of the evergreen family.

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Types Of Ficus Trees For The Home and Garden

Size: 4 inches high, 5. Finding the right sized pot for cactus was always a challenge for us and we are sure you faced it too. Made by us, these octagon shaped pots are perfectly sized for your cactus or succulents.

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This solar star light string will be the perfect addition to your garden. The light string is a unique solution allowing you to illuminate the outdoor areas of your home for decoration, safety and security without the complexities of mains power installation.

This solar powered lighting allows you to quickly and easily install garden lighting. The 10m light string has a further 3 meter cable to the solar panel, allowing increased flexibility for positioning. The lights operate without need for a main adapter. Solar lights can create dramatic shapes and shadows whilst energy efficient LED lights provide soft, subtle lighting for a relaxing atmosphere.

Starting from RsCactus and Succulents. Add to cart Add to Wishlist Add to Compare. SaveIdeal Pot for indoor plants and creating miniature gardens. Features: Two brightness modes for each head, ability to turn on one or both heads.

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7 Air-Purifying Indoor Plants for Pakistani Homes

Interiorscaping means more than bringing some green indoors; it calls for the thoughtful and purposeful placement of plants. Some homeowners bring double story trees inside to create a discussion-worthy focal point or some elect to create a living wall, an artistic arrangement of plants that fill interior space as would pictures or tapestries. Interiorscaping certainly adds a distinct beauty to a home but with all the demonstrated emotional and environmental benefits plants offer, their value goes well beyond their aesthetic offerings. It might be time to do a little interiorscaping in your home. Plants increase oxygen levels indoors.

Buy all type of indoor & outdoor plants online with guaranteed quality check and express delivery options throughout UAE. We make buying plants for home.

15 Snake Repellent Plants | Plants that Repel Snakes Naturally

PATSP is a long-winded, intermittently humorous blog which is mostly about houseplants, particularly Anthurium s and Schlumbergera s. Most of the caveats from this post also apply here: don't use this list for situations in which getting a plant's native range wrong might result in someone's death, I'm mostly relying on GRIN for my information, native ranges aren't always known with any kind of certainty so even the best available information may not be correct, and so forth. For this one, we're talking about China. There will be a lot of overlap between this list and the ones for Eastern Asia including Japan , India, Indo-China, Malesia, and Australia, just because China's sort of right in the middle of all those and plants respect political boundaries even less than people do. I apologize for being unable to find a clear public-domain map of the area; I looked for a long time, and found all kinds of stuff, none of it quite what I wanted. Instead, I have to do two different maps, one for the actual political divisions of China itself: And the other to show where China is relative to the other countries I'll be mentioning particularly note the locations of Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Burma, as there will be a test later 1 : I've circled the Ryukyu Islands because 1 they're going to come up a lot and 2 the original map didn't have them labeled. Obviously not everybody's going to care about specifically where in the country the different plants come from, but I'm trying to provide the best information I've got for those people who do , 'cause that's the kind of guy I am. Aglaonema cvv. On-line sources disagree about the origin of Aspidistra elatior cast-iron plant , with some saying it's from Japan and naturalized in China and others saying it's from China and naturalized in Japan.

Buy Plants Online in Pakistan & Top Plants Nursery in Islamabad

Here is a list of the most common houseplants that are suitable for indoor gardening. The houseplants in this list are mostly easy-to-grow, low maintenance, hardy plants that fit the busy lifestyle of us, the city gardeners. Besides the following plants, which need to grow in direct sunlight — full light, the houseplants in my list require low to moderate daylight, indirect sunlight, or diffused light. And as you notice, I have only put the scientific name, common name, and a photo of each houseplant in the list. There are so much information on houseplants available online.

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We help bring Biophilic Design Aspirations to life while eliminating the hassles of living walls. Our Installations are created using all Natural Preserved Plants. These long-lasting, Maintenance-free Gardens require no water, misting or irrigation, no light and no soil, but retain a vibrant, fresh-cut look and feel for years. Click here if you wish to view the full Care Instructions and Display Recommendations. To begin the preservation process, plant and flower foliage is harvested at its peak to attain maximum vibrancy.


Looking for related documents? Search for related documents in the Guidance Document Repository. This directive contains the general import requirements for plants and plant parts for planting from all countries to prevent the entry and spread of regulated plant pests. Additional requirements specific to certain plant taxa and certain pest species may apply. These requirements may be found in various pest-specific or plant-specific directives. This revision is to include the phytosanitary import requirements for plants with roots from the continental United States that are regulated for Rhagoletis mendax blueberry maggot.

Pacific Islands Area Vegetative Guide. NRCS-PI. Page 33 of Revised April Table O. List of Plant Pictures by Scientific Name. Scientific Name.

7 Houseplants that will purify the air inside your home

Plant Care Today. Ficus plants [FYE-Kuss] include species of woody trees, shrubs, and vines from the Moraceae family. Many are grown as houseplants or outdoors in their native regions. Ficus plants are native to tropical regions, but some species extend into subtropical areas.


If you're looking to add a little color and life to your living space—and who isn't these days—then you've come to the right part of the internet. Plants are typically easy to care for, add beauty and color, and have even been shown to help reduce stress! And while outdoor gardening can be great , it's not for everyone. Not everyone has space for an outdoor garden, of course. Plus, planting outside and particularly planting from seed comes with its fair share of difficulties. But most of us have at least a room or two—even if we're sharing an apartment—and a window with some light to call our own.

The scientific name of the plant is Epipremnum aureum.

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Most people prefer to place them in old glass bottles with plenty of water. The plant with its yellow-tinted leaves grows quickly, and since it is essentially a vine, it is best as a hanging decoration. It is also one of the best plants to have indoors if you want to purify the air as it filters formaldehyde from the indoor environment.


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